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Hortus has taken part with its innovative product “Woven” at Domotex Fair 2016 which took place from 16th to 19th ofJanuary 2016, in Hanover (Germany). Hortus in collaboration with Floover has created, for the occasion, a very innovative and unusual booth that attracted numerous visitors and experts. Through their countless possibilities of innovation and customization and thanks to their innate constructive and productive flexibility, Hortus and Floover showed everyone what it means to offer an integrated solution to the customers.

“Not just flooring”… this is the new payoff and the new philosophy that distinguish the strategies of two brands: propose to the customer the opportunity to create totally customized environments using Hortus and Floover products not only for the flooring but also for walls, ceilings, furniture and all furnishing accessories.

During the fair, Hortus and Floover have shown that with Woven product you can create complete environments, both internal and external, with the same product on the floor, on the walls and even on chairs, tables, beach chairs, sun beds, beach umbrellas, etc. With Hortus and Floover the elusive Integrated Solution is no longer an utopia but a concrete reality!

2016 DOMOTEX Fair ended with excellent results, gaining a privileged place among the best worldwide exhibitions dedicated to the flooring. With 1,441 exhibitors coming from 59 countries and 45,000 trade visitors from over 100 nations, DOMOTEX has given new impulse to the international floorings industry and has been rightfully designated as a powerful driver of sales, trends and innovations.


From 17 to 20 of January 2015 at HOMI in Rho Milano Fair, Hortus Woven 300 x 300 was the flooring of the exposition of Simone Micheli “The spa from the past to the future”.

What is HOMI? A dynamic and fluid route in which 10 satellites define the store of tomorrow , expanding the business opportunities thanks to new territories of meeting between exhibitors and buyers . HOMI is the innovative chance for the business of life style sector. The new great project of Milano Fair is dedicated to the person and to the lifestyles, a new concept of fair to discover that rotates around the person , to its styles , to its spaces : all this is HOMI , the home in 10 dimensions.

HOMI celebrated the 25 years of profession of Simone Micheli Architect with an exhibition based on the Spa theme. The enthralling exhibition was characterized by a three-dimensional simulation of an experimental spa and by a video installation dedicated to the work of the award-winning Architect , internationally considered as an undisputed primary reference in the contract dimension. The installation was imagined by the creator as an elegant retreat where you can relax the body and the mind and where you can abandon yourself to the complete research of themselves and of own balance.
Often, the frenzy of the contemporary interrupts the natural flow of our emotions and atrophies our senses , for this reason today it becomes more and more important the spa and the wellness centers role that thanks to their regenerating power invite the man to regain its original dimension , rediscovering the energy of the emotions and the power of feelings , finding an harmony of mind often lost . The installation has brought to the attention of the visitors of Homi 2015 the international experience of this great creator and it allowed to understand how today it is crucial to win the complex commercial battles , to educate , to grow , to achieve these places , jumping the stereotype , conceiving them as true works of art.

In this context the Hortus Woven 300 x 300 tile showed perfectly itself in its patchwork version in perfect harmony with the whiteness of the circular space created by Micheli doing an atmosphere that makes the visitor feel as suspended between dream and reality with lively touches of colour that pushed the thought to investigate unexplored visual and content worlds.


On 29th and 30th of October 2014 Prati Group, at the cellar ALBINEA – CANALI of Reggio Emilia, launched the event “PRATI 2.015 : THE NEW TRENDS OF FLOORINGS, COLOURS AND FINISHINGS”. The event, organised in collaboration with the office of the architect Simone Micheli, guided customers, architects, designers, builders and suppliers throughout an experience in the discovery of the innovations and of the trends in the field of floorings and colours.

The attendees arrived in our city from throughout Italy and from all over Europe to take part in the fair organised by Prati Group and to discover all the new products for 2015 concerning the new collection of laminate flooring EGGER 2015, the LVT innovations of Floover, the new products of LUCITE, DELTA, IVC, ANTICA SIGNORIA and ATRIA and the new application systems.

They were two days full of appointments enhanced also by the conferences of the Mediolanum Bank “Riparti Italia: Finanziamenti e Agevolazioni fiscali” of Mediolanum Bank , “L’Hotel come opera sostenibile per vincere in un mutato mercato” of Simone Micheli and “Sistema NCS: Pratica e Utilizzo” of NCS Italia.

The event took place in a relaxed location, with polished and refined settings capable of arousing emotions and inspiring the creativity and the ideas of visitors. A place is recollected if it inspires uniqueness and exclusivity and if it creates well-being: this is exactly the philosophy of Prati Group in any field, from hotel chain to residential and commercial. The fitting created within the canteen is intended to create an emotional experience in order to produce enthusiasm and inspiration.

The chairman of Prati Group, Andrea Prati, has pointed out that “ This two-year event, in this occasion in its second edition, has been for us an opportunity to keep our current clients loyal and to attract new potential customers. Since 1965 Prati Group has been dealing with colours, design and solutions for floorings and walls. The brand LITHOS is a benchmark in the national scenery of floating floorings, whereas the brand Hortus, which is renowned internationally, represents the must have as regards external design of flooring”.

During the event the participants had the opportunity to enjoy in exclusive preview the very new and charming collection of laminate flooring Egger 2015, the best versatility of the new Floover Raised, the innovative and polyhedral Hortus Woven, fitted out in a very original setting. Beyond that, all the colour experts could admire the new ornamentals of Antica Signoria, the new colourings of the collection HomeDecor and the amazing aesthetic and technical results of products LUCITE and DELTA.

Special guest of the fair was the architect Simone Micheli who founded the same name Architecture Office in 1990 and the design company “Simone Micheli Architectural Hero” in 2003 located in Milan and Florence.

His professional activity is structured in several directions, from architecture to design of internals, from design to visual design, continuing with communication; his creations, eco-friendly and always careful with the environment, are characterised by a marked identity and uniqueness. His inventions have been presented in most of the international exhibitions: he held conferences in organizations of culture, foundations and istitutions in several cities of the world.

Many thanks to our partners, suppliers and customers for having contributed to the extraordinary success of Prati 2.015 with their work, passion and loyalty to the brands of Prati Group.

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Hortus Flooring

Hortus is the ideal flooring for outside: 2 product types, 3 sizes, 2 wood species and 1 synthetic and water-repellent line. Hortus was born to take care of every detail in the outside areas, to enjoy your relaxation in the open air and to fulfill all kinds of aesthetic and functional requirements.
Hortus is the ideal solution for your outdoor floorings: on the terrace, by the pool, in the spa, in the restaurant, on the veranda, in the courtyard and in the garden.


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