Hortus, your outdoor flooring

Let your creativity run free, even in the open air

An innovative and unique product!

Hortus is the outcome of years of experience and knowledge in the sector of wooden flooring for outdoor. As a long-established group capable of guaranteeing top-quality woods and selected materials, we are proud to present this uniquely innovative, easy-fit product which has enormous potential for the international market.

The Hortus project was born from the necessity to transfer also to the exterior the same care and attention used in the interior design; with Hortus we are able to design the exterior spaces with competence, professionalism and strong creative identity.

The warm veining of the wood allow Hortus Flooring to harmonize perfectly itself with the surrounding nature and make it the ideal furnishing accessory for the relaxation and wellness moments. It’s perfect for the poolsides, in the passageway of the gardens, inside of the gazebo, in the open-air restaurants, in the spa, on the terraces, on the verandas and on the external walls of the buildings.

Hortus is the perfect choice for outdoor spaces: the elegance, the inimitable naturalness and warmth of wood are combined with creativity, originality and innovation arising from the exclusive Hortus Woven project.

HORTUS WOVEN, establishes a new standard that revolutionizes the charming universe of wooden flooring for outdoors, thanks to modern and innovative elements.

Although Hortus Woven is made of 100% polymer (polystyrene), it also doesn’t lose sight of the eco-friendly appearance: 0% of exotic woods, 100% recyclable. Environmental awareness and extreme comfort.

Neither time nor wear could damage Hortus Woven which therefore remains perfect during the years. Hortus Woven indeed combines the appearance with the functionality and maintains its promises for decades. Hortus Woven is an easy-fit and removable flooring, composed by polystyrene tiles covered with a sheet of woven PVC, that doesn’t need any care and maintenance because it resists to heat, UV and water.

Two versions of product (wood and woven) and a rich range of sizes: Hortus was born to really satisfy every kind of need

Hortus is a range of flooring for outdoor composed of: 2 kind of products (tile and decking), 3 sizes (tile 300×300, tile 300×600 and decking), 2 wood species (ipè and thermo Ash) and 1 synthetic and waterproof line (woven).

Today Hortus Decking really knows no limits … with the new look (woven), rich of several unusual decors, is possible to customized the floorings and the walls of buildings in a simple and original way, changing radically the aesthetic impact of the outdoors.

Just a click: easy to install on any level surface and just as easy to remove.

For all this and much more… Hortus is your quality choice!

Hortus Flooring

Hortus is the ideal flooring for outside: 2 product types, 3 sizes, 2 wood species and 1 synthetic and water-repellent line. Hortus was born to take care of every detail in the outside areas, to enjoy your relaxation in the open air and to fulfill all kinds of aesthetic and functional requirements.
Hortus is the ideal solution for your outdoor floorings: on the terrace, by the pool, in the spa, in the restaurant, on the veranda, in the courtyard and in the garden.


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