Hortus: for your relax in the open air…
with no worries!

Hortus is a range of outdoor flooring consists of: 2 types of products (tile and decking), 3 sizes (300×300 tile, 300 × 600 tile and Decking), 2 types of wood (thermotreated ash and ipè) and 1 synthetic and waterproof line.

Hortus is the perfect choice for outdoor spaces: the elegance, the inimitable naturalness and warmth of wood are combined with creativity, originality and innovation arising from the exclusive Hortus Woven project. Two collections of products (wood and woven) and a wide range of sizes: Hortus has been designed to meet every need and to take care of every detail, even outside of own home.

Perfect around your pool, on your garden paths, under the gazebos, in the outdoor restaurants, in the wellness centers, on terraces and verandas. Just a click: easy to install on any level surface and just as easy to remove.

Hortus: outdoors, your quality choice!


Comfortable in Spa

A functional and hygienic product, which is the optimal solution for saunas, for fitness centers, for wellness centers, for spas and for all the moments of relaxation and well-being

Perfect around the pool

Safety when walking barefoot is an essential requirement. Thanks to innovative materials and a draining structure it is ideal in seaside resorts and along the edges of the pool

Elegant in the restaurants

Thanks to the extreme simplicity of installation and removal, Hortus lends itself particularly well to all temporary and not permanent installations such as the areas in seasonal concession, to hotel facilities and restaurants

Ideal in your garden

Hortusis a practical and convenient solution that perfectly blends with the surrounding nature and it is the ideal design item for outdoor spaces: perfect in the lanes, in the gazebo, in the courtyards and patios

Refined on the terrace

With its thirteen colorings and its modular combinations, Hortus is able to create unique and charming scenarios on the terraces of any building or home, transforming them into environments with polished design and strong personality



Fine wood species

The warm veining of fine woods as Ipe lapacho and thermos-Ash allow to Hortus floorings to blend perfectly with the surrounding nature and to be the ideal design item for enjoying own moments of relaxation in the open air. Hortus has selected for its range wood species with clearly defined technical features: good dimensional stability, excellent durability and good weather resistance (provided that the wood is constantly maintained with the specific Hortus Oil).

Several sizes and versions

Several modular combinations of different colors and sizes make the project and creative space more and more wide. This is due to a truly comprehensive range of sizes: from the usual 300 × 300 to the modular 300 × 600 till to luxurious decking which, with rounded edges, can ensure a refined aesthetic impact and an extraordinary pleasure to walking barefoot. The two different versions, wood and woven, allow Hortus to satisfy any aesthetic and emotional need: from the precious wood flooring with its warm veining to the innovative woven flooring that ensures design and practicality.

Versatility of use

The use of the same interlocking system and the same support grid and the maintenance of the same thickness in the entire range of tiles allows to Hortus to guarantee to own product a great versatility and flexibility of use. it is possible to combine indeed different sizes, different colors and different versions of the product (wood and woven) in the same space to be floored leaving your expressive imagination run free.

Quick and easy installation

The extreme ease and speed of installation, guaranteed by proven and simple interlocking systems, allows anyone (even the normal user) to pave its own outdoor space in complete autonomy, without having to sustain huge costs of installation. Even the speed of removal is a very important requirement: during relocation or fairs, in case of temporary or seasonal installations, Hortus is the ideal product to ensure an excellent aesthetic value and quick installation and removal.

Respect for the environment

The certification of the FSC chain of custody (reserved for the Thermo Ash) is a real guarantee for the consumer that has the possibility to make an informed choice, and thus to contribute actively to the preservation and improvement of world forests. Even the woven range contributes to the environmental respect, ensuring high quality standards and in compliance with the requirements of the most restrictive laws against harmful emissions. Hortus Woven products indeed has been certified Greenguard, Ü-Zeichen and A + and use recyclable, eco-friendly and phthalates free materials.

Customization options

Thirteen refined decors inspired by the most widespread trends of the moment, make the collection Woven the perfect solution for outdoor spaces, both residential and commercial, with great emotional impact. Woven Hortus is the only flooring for exterior which, with fancy of colors and combinations, gives character and originality even to the most simple environment adding personality to outdoor spaces. No longer just the traditional wood or the monotonous appearance of the wpc materials, but a new and “stylish” colored flooring that can attract the attention of customers, guests and tourists!

No care and maintenance

Hortus Woven cleverly combines an unusual design with the practicality of a product that does not need maintenance. In a social and cultural context as the current one, the lack of maintenance is a fundamental requirement for those who want to create wellness areas, both in the private sphere (gardens, patios and swimming pools) and public sphere (hotels, restaurants, spa), without having to worry of their care. All Woven versions don’t need any care and maintenance because easily withstand the atmospheric agents, water, moisture, heat and UV rays.

Revolutionary Design

and International Patent

Hortus woven is a revolutionary product because there is not a similar product in the world of floorings for outdoors and because it changes the perspectives of those who want to pave the outdoor areas. It is composed of polystyrene covered with a sheet of woven pvc amalgamated with fiberglass. This innovation, designed and developed by Prati Group, is protected by an international patent (PCT / EP2013 / 069555) and therefore inimitable.

Comfortable and

easy to clean surface

Thanks to a structure with beams lifted from the ground and to micro gaps between a strip and the other one, the Hortus floorings allow a continuous and constant drainage of the surface water ensuring the safety of walking, both barefoot and with shoes, always on a surface nearly dry. This is a very important requirement in situations such as the poolside or the spa where the water on the floor is a constant condition. The drainability of the Hortus products is also much appreciated during the operations of cleaning (by pump or pressure washer) because it enables to easily remove the dirty water in excess.